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Sand Cone Test Set

Keterangan ASTM D-1556 AASHTO T-191 For determining the density of compacted soil in place. SO-401 Sand Cone Bottle Plastic, 4 ltr cap. approx. 1 […]

Speedy Moisture Tester

Keterangan AASHTO T-217 For determining the moisture content of soil by means of calcium carbide gas pressure meter. SO-432 Speedy Gauge M/ C range […]

Standard Penetration Test

Keterangan ASTM D-1586 AASHTO T-206 For driving a split barrel sampler to obtain a representative soil sample and measure the soil resistance to penetration. […]

Laboratory CBR Test Set

Keterangan Laboratory CBR Test Set ASTM D-1883 AASHTO T-193 For determining the bearing ratio of soil. SO-361A Electrical Loading Machine Electric, 220 V-AC, 1/ […]

Consolidation Test Set

Keterangan Consolidation Test Set ASTM D-2435 AASHTO T-216 For determining the rate and magnitude of consolidation of soil when it is restrained laterally, loadded […]